21st Century Development policy will contribute to reducing the impoverishment of nature, spatial clustering places of residence around existing commercial structures to build a healthy spaces networking neighbourhood relationships.

URBANO is the first town planning office in region setting out the team tendencies and trends in the design of suburban housing systems of 21st century. The company specializes in urban planning, business consulting and real estate development. In year 2015, upon 10 years of planning experience, owners and employees formulate a hierarchy of values for the 21st Century Development - projects of sustainable development socially responsible.

Our mission is to create unique residential sights for communities who value idyllic places and customs of villages and peaceful lifestyle, not devoid of healthy food and drinking. We build new homes and apartments in low-urbanized areas in the vicinity of historic buildings and recreational inscribed in assumptions as parks, forestry or spa areas. Our investments are characterized by space and silence, as well as fresh air and the opportunity to live near the nature.

URBANO Planning Team for a decade create and organized development projects. The company is a coordinator of the all investment process. The Urban Office is specializing in land acquisition’s, investment advisory and design of large-sized acreages. Within the own trade mark of Chateau Village studio and office of documentation and development projects designing housing systems in suburban areas. URBANO program based on the key principle of respect for the environment, involving the construction of single-family houses surrounded by greenery existing and planned. Outstanding, superlative architecture, unique quality on a national scale development project, planned to build on the principle of the 21st Century Development is being implemented by the town planning office.

Our projects have unique values of suburban housing schemes. With each new design for large areas we project service functions including the areas for sports and recreation. Chateau Village is not only homes and apartments, leisure and apartments for holidaymakers. Chateau Village is the opportunity to live in areas which are monitored with daily activity programs for seniors and for young people. Chateau Village is a taste of life, it is sport and a hobby. Village is a long-term nursing care, an offer for connoisseurs of cheese and wine, and other liquors and gourmet specialties.

Village unites people. Village connects the generations.

21st Century Development is URBANO. URBANO is ecological.




Natur Garden is the most modern design, the best environment, functional and cost-effective, single-family residential buildings designed according to the latest standards of suburban residential systems.

450 different size of flats are planned to develop under the URBANO Masterplan covered 21 hectare plot of land. A modern housing residential villa’s complex is designing in natural environment neighborhood which are a key value of the project.

Natur Garden arises in the wild nature and as such will be built with rocks, stones and earth. Mountain environment with plants, sometimes reflexes Arctic vegetation and compact systems designed in the gardens. As for aesthetics there rise blocks of rock planted with various ornamental plants. Surrounded by such a beautiful and natural beauty planned in more than 210,000 square meters.

In the village of Morzyczyn, 21 kilometers away from Szczecin town, just by the Miedwie lake which is a big tank of crystal clear water supplied every second to nearly 750.000 inhabitants of the Szczecin agglomeration, surrounded by the beauty of nature - URBANO designing a residential complex. An investment is planned in a favorite area for vacations and touristic travelling.

The Miedwie lake is located, just 21 kilometers southeast from the city. The coastline is surrounded by a lake belt of length of over 39 kilometers. On the northern shore of the lake, around Morzyczyn and Zieleniewo there are main Sports and Recreation Centers.

Lake Miedwie, is the fifth largest in Poland reservoir of fresh water of a surface of 35 sq. km. Miedwie is the only drinking water intake for the residents of Szczecin. The town of Szczecin is country's seventh-largest city and a major seaport in Poland. Also the capital city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship with population over 400.000, an urban center of Szczecin agglomeration.

More information: www.NaturGarden.info